Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Jewellery


Jewelry is a huge part of women as it enhances their beauty, confidence, and overall look. Several stores like Ineffabless sell high-quality jewelry, so get yourself one or more pieces by clicking https://www.ineffabless.de/personalisierte-halsketten.html. Wearing jewelry is one thing but knowing how to style is another concept that only a few people understand. People make several mistakes during and after buying jewelry. So, in this extract, we highlight the common jewelry mistakes we need to avoid.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Jewellery

When you decide to spend money on an item, ensure it’s the right thing. Good quality jewelry, especially if you go, the customization route is quite expensive. Some faults we make are;

1. Choosing Ill-Fitting Jewellery

Just because a piece of jewelry looks good doesn’t mean it’s meant for you. It may be too small or big for you. This is common for rings, but also necklaces and bracelets are common culprits. Ring shopping is exciting, especially for a bride, but choosing to shop online can be risky.

The possibility of buying a wrong-sized ring is high compared to going to a physical store for a fitting. For necklaces and bracelets, buying extenders can fix the size issue as they give additional length. You can have parts of them removed to reduce the size to fit nicely around your neck or hand.

In addition, your skin tone plays a considerable role in the kind of jewelry you choose. Ensure your skin tone matches or the level of contrast isn’t that high. Yellow tone metals like gold are perfect for warm skin tones, while colored metals do well with cool skin tones. For neutral tones, choose yellow and white metals.

2. Wearing too Much Jewelry

No matter the size of your jewelry collection, don’t wear too many accessories at a go as it creates an imbalanced look. If you want to wear more than one piece of jewelry, choose those that complement one another, ensuring you distribute them all over the body. You can wear multiple chains of different lengths as long their colors match, and they don’t overpower each other.

Complex chains or those with huge pendants can be paired with a simple chain to maintain simplicity. For bracelets, wear one with charms or more than one if they are simple. If you want to include a watch, wear them on separate hands to display the beauty of each.

3. Lack of Proper Storage

Whether the jewelry is cheap or expensive, proper storage is necessary to keep it in good condition. Avoid putting them in one spot like a drawer to prevent rubbing, which causes chipping or the development of scratches. Exposure to humidity for some metals makes them tarnish hence ruining their color. Use a portioned jewelry box to store the pieces and prevent dust. Use hooks to hang them and prevent tangling but remember to dust them often.

Final Word

Spend your money on the right jewelry in terms of fitting, size, and color. After buying, ensure to keep them clean, maintain them well and store them as advised to avoid any damage.

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