Tips For Selecting The Best Garden Hose


Giraffe Tools is the best place to go whether you are looking for a good quality garden rake, a watering hose, or a garden hose reel. A garden hose is one of the essential tools for a gardener. It is used for watering plants, cleaning gardening tools, and irrigation. In this post, we look at tips for choosing garden hoses.

How to choose the best garden hose

Choosing a suitable garden hose shouldn’t be a lot of work. However, there are a few factors you must consider during the process. They include:

1. Material

One of the essential elements to consider when choosing a garden hose reel is the material. The best garden hose material should be strong enough to withstand frequent use. Choosing inferior materials results in issues like the hose reel becoming brittle, mainly if applied frequently.

This is one of the things you should think of when selecting your watering hose. In addition, it is worth mentioning some brands combine two or more materials for their watering hoses. Combining materials makes the most durable and strongest hoses.

Additionally, some parts of the hose may be made from different materials. These parts are called couplings. The material choice influences how long the couplings can stay in place without getting damaged.

2. Hose length

In addition to the material, the length is also another essential consideration. The hose length will determine the area where you can use the product. When choosing the correct size, it would be wise to measure the space of the application. It won’t make sense to get a 100-foot hose if you have a small application space. On the other hand, getting a short hose will be very frustrating and limiting.

Additionally, choosing the suitable hose length will keep you from tugging on it. Constant tugging results in the stretching out of the hose, which in turn causes severe damages. Therefore, paying attention to this factor will influence the life span of your watering hose.

3. The hose diameter

Like the length, the hose diameter is also something worth considering. When shopping for a garden hose, you will come across products with varying diameters. The application for which you need the hose will determine the most suitable diameter. The best hose diameter for homeowners is usually ½ inches. However, if you plan to use the hose in the garden, it would be best to get one with a 5/8 diameter.

On the other hand, if you intend on using the hose for heavy-duty tasks, then a ¾ diameter would be perfect. The larger the diameter, the more water can pass through it. On the contrary, the smaller the diameter, the more the pressure of the water passing through it. In other terms, the diameter can compensate for the pressure variables.


Other than the elements listed above, it would also help if you considered the hose extensions, connectors, and product durability. As mentioned earlier, aspects like material and length can influence your hose’s durability. However, the brand and construction also play a significant role in its durability.

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