Are LED Light Tables The Real Deal?


When it comes to lightening up the house’s interior and exterior, many options often come to mind. Selecting a light type is crucial to getting your lighting and accessories in place, and getting them fixed up is another. However, selecting the best lights counts for so much, more than we often imagine. This is because good lighting offers more than just bright lights, it also functions as a form of design and can be used for critical image viewing. All this and more are the standard features of LED lights, which is why it is considered one of the best by many standards.

One outstanding LED product that has proven very useful over the years is the LED light table, and it has many positive reviews to show. Nevertheless, the cost of purchasing LED light tables is a factor that has scared a few people away from buying it, while a lot of others are left to wonder if it offers enough value. This article shows how efficient LED light tables, like the LED Leuchttisch A3 dimmbar, are while also highlighting the pros and cons of using LED lights tables.

What Are LED light Tables?

LED lights are electric devices that produce light using light-emitting diodes. An LED light table is an image viewing device that is powered by LED lights. It is a self-standing device that illuminates the object on it to be viewed by lighting it up evenly. LED light tables are often used to review photographic films or artworks, and this is done by placing the object to be viewed directly on the light.

The light table is famous for retracing artworks, and the light they provide makes it very easy to produce a perfect copy. LED light tables are very usable, and they are one of the necessary equipment for every art enthusiast.

Uses Of LED Light Tables

The LED light table is somewhat similar to larger lightboxes with their horizontal arrangement and self-standing feature. However, they have been identified as more efficient on many occasions. The uses of the LED light table includes:

  • Used to trace designs in graphic trades
  • Used for producing cartoons and comics
  • Used for reviewing film negatives and photoliths
  • Used for interpreting aerial photographs

Pros And Cons Of LED light Tables

LED light tables are known to be very beneficial, but they have also been proven to have a few downsides as well. To further understand the efficiency and effectiveness of LED light tables, here’s an outlook of the pros and cons.


  • LED light tables are eco-friendly
  • They do not consume as much power as you would normally expect
  • Provides quality image viewing
  • Leaves little or no room for mistakes
  • Provides the best angles for film reviews


  • Expensive
  • Need to be recharged from time to time
  • May start to overheat when used excessively

Bottom Line

LED light tables are exceptional when it comes to photographic filming and artwork reviews, and they are known to provide good image perspectives. They are generally classy and relatively easy to use as well, which makes them very efficient.

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