What are the Characteristics of an Ideal Air Purifier?


Different companies manufacture air purifiers worldwide, such as CleanForce Air which uses the latest technology in air purification to make indoor air good quality. For more information about it, you can click here to read. Air cleaners with standard features cost less than those with additional features; however, they are worth every coin. In this post, we dive into the qualities of a good air purifier.

Qualities of a Good Air Purifier

Some components in air cleaners are of great importance while others are additions. While choosing the best device, go for one with features that match your needs to avoid spending money on something that you’ll not use. However, some qualities generally make an air purifier ideal. They include;

1. Pre-Filter

Two types of pre-filters exist, i.e., mesh pre-filter and carbon pre-filter. Both are used to trap large contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, and hair, prevent them from entering the air purifier, and prolong the lifespan of the primary internal air filters. During the filtration process, the air gets to the pre-filters first to prevent the main filters, such as the HEPA filters, from clogging up with large particles. They come in different varieties, and you can find them in air purifying machines in homes, offices, commercial buildings, and many more. You can wash and reuse, unlike the main filter, which you must replace after a while.

2. Digital Control System

As the air-purifying machine technology improves, so is the digital control system. The system provides access to more accurate air quality information compared to gadgets without digital control. In addition, You can control the cleaner from your phone, computer, or laptop from any location instead of relying on buttons or a rotary dial.

3. Timer

The timer feature is usually programmable. You can set it depending on how long you want the air purifier to operate and go off when not in use. This process is automatic, helping in energy conservation even when you are not around.

4. Caster Wheels and Handles

The two features are essential for ease of movement around the house or changing locations. Most air purifiers are located where users spend the most time; however, there are instances where you need to move to a different room and relocate with the gadget. The handles provide holding space to push or pull the machine and enjoy its portability.

5. Filter Replacement Indicator

The main aim of the indicator is to let you know when the filters are too clogged with particles and need replacement. When in use, it’s easy to forget about the air cleaner machine as long as it’s functioning well. Remembering the filters is tricky, especially since they are based inside the device. The indicators alert you to keep the filters clean and fresh, hence the machine cleans the air effectively.

6. Air Sensors

The sensors monitor the quality of air and identify the particular contaminants within it. After identifying, the air purifier adjusts itself to the level needed to eliminate them.


Above are features found in air purifiers, but many more are available for use depending on the type. Some are standard, while others are upgraded to fit your needs. It’s important to know that whichever air purifier you choose, the more the features, the higher the cost of buying.

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