Main Processes Used To Get Curly Lace Front Wigs


The two hair types used in a lace front wig are synthetic and human hair types. Both hair types can be styled into whatever styling option you need. In addition, lace front wigs usually match the wearer’s hair. If you are the kind of person who loves to change their appearance often, you can style the wig by creating curls. The process of making curls on your wig is quite simple. This article aims at informing you of the two best methods used to get curly lace front wigs.

Two best methods used to get curly lace front wigs

1. Curling the lace front wigs using a curling iron

  1. For this method to work perfectly, the lace front wig needs to be brand new. The first process involves washing the lace front wig with a cleaner then air drying it. It is essential to note that too much dryness on the hair can lead to damage. Therefore, it is necessary to use a warm serum that protects the wig. Furthermore, too much warmth or heat on the lace front wig can change its color or shorten its life span.
  2. Before using a curling iron, place the human hair on the wig, then cut it. Those who want the curly hair to be small should separate the human hair into small pieces. But for sizeable curly hair, separate the hair into large pieces.
  3. Ensure you fix extra hairs by clipping them upwards and for the rest, leave them at the wig’s back.
  4. The next step is using the curling iron. First, ensure that the hair is at the required level. Then make sure you protect your skin by wearing insulated gloves. After you have completed all the necessary preparations, pick the curling iron and fold a small piece of the hair on it. At the same time, turn the hair upwards until it cools down.
  5. For the whole wig to be curly, you need to repeat the process. Make sure to let the hair cool after you are done with the curling process.

2. Curling the lace front wig using a roller

  1. The first step involves brushing the lace front wig using a broad toothbrush.
  2. The second step involves knotting the hair at the top of the head. At this step, ensure to leave some hair at the bottom before you begin curling.
  3. The third step involves the rolling stage. Use rollers depending on the size you need. Then you can use a curling iron to roll the hair from the root to the top. Repeat the process until every single strand is curled.
  4. The next step involves using heat drums and hair dryers to heat the wig on the rollers. The instruments used should be at a warm level.
  5. The last step involves removing the rollers. This step should be done very carefully. After you are done removing the rollers, you can brush the hair gently with your fingers.


Curling the lace front wig will help you get a new and attractive design. So if you are in the mood to change your hairstyle, using either of the above methods will help you attain the desired curls. Also, it is essential to be very gentle with the hair to prevent any damage from happening or reducing its life span.

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