Keep Your Chicken Juicy with a Proper Temperature


With the availability of numerous guides on different aspects of the cuisine, the cooking enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. There is a mass of information available on chicken. But not all of them come in handy in the process. To make sure that you are cooking chicken in the best way, you must follow few basic guidelines. The guides will surely help you to learn how to cook chicken perfectly and without facing any problem at all.

Let us look into all three categories separately. Firstly, let us look at the temperature. The cooking recipe you choose should be in accordance with the internal temperature of the chicken. This means that you need to cook the chicken to the point where it reaches the desired internal temperature. If you cook the chicken beyond this point, the meat becomes overcooked and the flavor is distorted.

Using a Thermometer

You can find the exact temperature by using a thermometer. You just have to take the chicken out of the refrigerator and place it on a pan in order to bring it to room temperature. Once the internal temperature of the chicken is reached, it is advisable to remove it from the pan and slice it into thin pieces. If you are cooking the pieces separately, then ensure that the temperature is uniform throughout. Otherwise, the spices will get unevenly mixed.

Moving the Pan Properly

The next thing that you need to pay attention to is your cooking oil. The chicken will tend to stick to the sides and the bottom of the pan when it is cooked. So, you will have to move the pan to remove it without damaging the delicate nature of the chicken pieces. You can also use a slotted spoon for this purpose.

Seasoning Process of Chicken

Then you need to pay attention to the seasoning. In case you are making a home cooking recipe where there is no specific seasoning, you can follow one of the guidelines provided in the recipe for the right level of seasoning. For instance, if you are cooking chicken kebabs, then you need to marinate the chicken in some mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, and herbs for a minimum of twenty minutes. This will help in imparting an exquisite flavor to the chicken pieces. It will also keep the pieces from sticking to each other.

Cooking Chicken at Different Temperatures

You can also cook the chicken in its respective parts at slightly different temperatures. For instance, you can bake the breast in a hot oven at a temperature of around 200 degrees Celsius. However, if you want to cook the legs or thighs separately, you can bring the temperature down to about eighty degrees Celsius. Keep a note of the portions that need to be cooked first so that you do not overcook them.

Always remember, when you are looking for a good guide on how to cook, always choose one that is easy to understand. In addition, make sure the book or guide provides clear instructions along with clear explanations on how to cook. In case you are confused over the cooking process or if you need more guidance, then find a professional who can teach you the various methods of cooking.

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