How to Get the Perfect Garden Hose Reel


There is a need to get the best garden hose reel. It can save you time and effort. Moreover, it can keep your garden tidy. You do not have to be worried about dragging your garden hose around whenever you are watering with a quick connect reel. With the reel, you are guaranteed easy transport and efficient storage. You have many reasons to get a reel. As you know, garden hoses are very expensive. However, they easily get damaged, or their quality deteriorates when they are left in the sun.


Garden hose reels are made of a range of materials. Some of the common materials are heavy plastic and metal. The metals used include aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron. Aluminum is commonly used because it is lightweight and can withstand harsh weather conditions.


There are three main types of hose reels. These are:


In this case, the reel is set on a metal frame with large wheels. This makes it easier to move it around. You should consider this when you have a large hose that is difficult to carry around.


With this option, you can mount the spool to the wall. In most cases, it is set about 3-ft above the faucet and fixed permanently. This is the perfect hose reel if you have a smaller garden. If you have a large garden, you should consider installing several wall-mounted reels.

Hose Cabinet

This is an enclosed box, which hides your garden hose away whenever it is not in use. You can do rewinding by hand or a retraction system. The good thing about the hose cabinet is that it combines both functionality and form. You can also find cabinets that are decorative.

Hose cabinets are made of a variety of materials. If you need something decorative, you should consider plastic hose cabinets. Also, there is a resin option that is durable and light. Wrought iron is another option if you want a classic look. Steel cabinets are available in different shapes.

Hose Reeling Options

The hand crank is the most common system used in garden hose reels. You can find some with a hose guide, which keeps the hose against tangling. It can be gear-powered or hand-powered. The other option is the auto-winding garden and self-winding mechanism. The retracting system is the best as it rewinds the hose easily and quickly. This explains why it is recommended for persons with back issues.

Self-retracting reels feature an inbuilt spring mechanism. Once the hose is pulled from the garden reel, the spring mechanism tightens. Hence, the spring tension pulls the hose back. Most of these reels come with a locking mechanism designed to prevent the rewinding back until you are done with watering.

Some modern garden hose reels feature an auto-winding mechanism. These are available in two options: motor-powered and water pressure-powered. The water pressure retractors are the most common. These are designed to use the water piston to run the retractor mechanism. On the other hand, the motor-powered retractor system uses a rechargeable battery. These may not be safe as they can result in electrical shocks.

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