Garden Hose Reels With Multiple Nozzle Attachments


Multiple Expansion Coefficients

The Giraffe retractable garden hose reel has varying expansion coefficients. The ½ inch diameter model is best suited for watering a large garden and or yard. On the other hand, the 5/8 inch diameter model is for homeowners looking forward to watering their small backyards or mini-garden.

The varying diameter models ensure that no customer is left behind untreated. The thickness of the pipe is retained even if the water isn’t running through it. This is highly beneficial in eliminating kink and ensures that the pipe retains its appearance.

Salient Features

Multiple Nozzle Feature

In case the gardener requires different water streams from the same hose reel, the best way is to attach a suitable nozzle. There are up to nine different compatible nozzle options that can be attached to this water hose reel. This, hence makes this product the best garden hose reel. It’ll allow homeowners to save money on buying different hoses. For example, to achieve a sprinkler, there’s a dedicated nozzle.

Time And Energy Saver

This is a Giraffe retractable garden hose reel that supports a self-winding feature. Winding the reel manually (in case it’s a long reel) is highly tiring. Doing the winding/unwinding process manually every day isn’t feasible. Hence, this is the best retractable garden hose reel as it saves time and human effort.

Best Garden Hose Reel With High Durability

The durability ensures homeowners don’t end up buying another hose reel anytime in the near future, as this product can last for several years. Moreover, protecting the hose from direct sunlight, rain and moisture will further increase its longevity. The manufacturers have ensured this product’s durability by using copper joints that are covered with industrial-grade aluminum coating. The shield is further made from abrasion-resistance material. The use of polypropylene further enhances the toughness and durability.

Rotation Brackets

To ensure that the gardener doesn’t have to run around in the garden for watering, there’s a rotation bracket with this hose reel that can rotate up to 180 degrees. This allows the gardener to sprinkle the garden from the center, covering the entire ground, and after that, leaving the hose reel on the ground will trigger the retracting box to wind the reel automatically without a kink.

Best Retractable Garden Hose Reel With Quality Control

The Giraffe retractable garden hose reel isn’t like other rivals with low quality as this product has passed multiple tests. The 200PSI pressure and 600PSI bursting pressure tests have been cleared by this product. Homeowners shouldn’t be expecting this pipe to fade in the near future. Moreover, the sunlight and rain don’t affect much; however, it’s advisable to protect the reel from harsh weather conditions as it’ll definitely improve the longevity.

Lasts For Years

Expect outstanding performance for years. Gardeners will experience the same performance output after years as if it’s a new product. The appearance can change over time, but there’s no compromising on the output for sure.

Wall-Mount Design

It’s easy to install the reel box on the wall as it’s designed to be mounted on the wall. Drill the holes to fasten the wall mount bracket to mount the reel box on the wall. This way, the buyers can ensure the tidy appearance of their gardens.

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